One-on-one tractor training for women with Belle Baker

Empowering Women In Agriculture: Real Stories, Real Impact.

At Tractoring For Women, we are not just about teaching women how to drive tractors; we are about empowering them to confidently and safely take on essential roles in agriculture.

Our Vision: Tractoring For Women is more than a training program; it’s a movement towards a safer, more inclusive, and empowered agricultural community. Our participants’ testimonials reflect the transformative experiences and the positive ripple effect our program has on their lives and the broader industry.

Join us in driving change and fostering a network of skilled, confident women in agriculture. These testimonials highlight the impact of Tractoring For Women on individual lives and the agricultural community. They serve as powerful narratives that showcase how the program empowers women to be more independent, confident, and safe in their farming operations.

Our testimonials page is a tribute to the strength, independence, and community that our participants build through our program.

Here are some of their stories.

What People Say About Tractoring For Women

Lexi's Independence
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Before Tractoring For Women, I felt dependent and frustrated, waiting for help to feed my horses. Now, I can manage my farm tasks independently, and it's transformed my relationship with my partner and given me a sense of pride and autonomy. This course was more than just about driving a tractor; it was about reclaiming my independence." – Lexi, Red Creek
Ali's Empowerment
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The course left me feeling more confident and empowered. I learned to perform tasks I once thought were beyond my abilities. The supportive learning environment was key to overcoming my doubts and expanding my skill set." - Ali Woidt, Farmer and Participant
Alex's Safety Advocacy
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Operating a tractor always seemed intimidating, but this course taught me the essentials in a safe and supportive environment. Now, I can not only operate a tractor but also advocate for safer practices among my peers." - Alex Thomas, Farm Safety Consultant
Ag Industry Skills
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What first captured my interest in Tractoring For Women is the uniqueness of the event. It's empowering to connect with other women in agriculture and share knowledge in a comfortable setting. I'm proud to support this initiative that builds confidence and skills among women in the industry." - Jackie Davies, Emmetts
Non-Threatening Environment
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Creating a non-threatening learning environment is crucial for effective skill-building. We're committed to supporting Tractoring For Women by providing machinery and resources to ensure the best outcomes for all participants." - Tim Glover, Ramsey Brothers
Government Support
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In 2023 Tractoring For Women won a competitive Augusta Zadow Award from Safe Work SA. We are proud of being recognised by government and supported for our work to increase the safety of young and female workers in South Australia. Safety is the foundation for ongoing productivity, and both depend on good training to foster competence and confidence. Tractoring For Women is committed to maintaining the high standard of safety in training that the Augusta Zadow Award represents.

Media Interest

Tractoring For Women has captured the imagination of journalists everywhere. Here’s one example, from Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise program.

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